There's a handy feature built in to all of our themes that lets you add a unique style to any post, using tags and Custom CSS. This technique is perfect if you wanted to do a special announcement, or just bring attention to a particular post.

First, add a tag to your post:

Choose a unique tag that will only be used for this post, to make sure your style won't get used anywhere else. Here we've used uniquepost

Then, add some Custom CSS for your new tag:

On your Edit Theme page, open the Advanced tab and add your code into the Custom CSS area. Here we've added a thick blue border and given the post a smaller maximum width so it stands out against the other posts. You can add whatever CSS you like, get creative! Make sure you replace uniquepost in teh CSS code with whatever tag you added to your post.

Then all you need to do is preview your post, make any CSS tweaks and Publish it!